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Fem or Regular?


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Can anybody out there tell me if they have any advice or answer to this...

My friend is distraught :-(

He grew a few plants from feminized seeds. The plants were in like the 5th week of bloom (could be off by a few days to a week...4 1/2 - 5 1/2 weeks into bloom). He had a power outage for almost 2 days. He thinks it put stress on the plants because 1 of them developed sacs and pollinated the others. He was told it couldn't have been a male plant because this took place so far into bloom...so we are thinking the stress turned her into a hermaphrodite.

Would the seeds on the plants pollinated be feminine because they both have fem genetics or would the seeds be regular?

Thanks for any input


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Re: Fem or Regular???

I've seen this question debated on the forum and I'm not sure there's a definite answer.

How many buds were seeded? If it was most of the crop, then it was probably from a female that produced full male flowers, in which case the seeds will be more females than average, simply because of the genetics, but will have males, too.

But if only a few buds were seeded, the pollen most likely came from a few nanners, not full male flowers and those seeds would be feminized - no males.

I think. :3:


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Re: Fem or Regular???

All the buds were seeded...some worse than others. I am pretty positive 1 of my female plants (which was from a female seed I bought) herm'd on me after a lighting issue during bud. Power lines down and we had no lighting for a little over 2 days. We were about 4-5 weeks into bloom when we we checked it again it had just shot pollen on the plant next to it...only a little bit but obviously went air born b/c it got the whole batch. Some plants seemed worse than others with the quantity of seeds...but they were all pretty loaded up.
So if the original plant was from a female seed I bought...and it only herm'd on me due to stress, what are my chances of the sex on these seeds.
Hope I answered your question and tried to offer a bit more info on the situation.
Any help will be greatly appreciated


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what i have always found:

when a female decides to hermy out, her seeds (or surrounding plants seeds) will 99% of the time be fem.

with this in mind. those seeds are now the offspring of a hermi, and will typically hermi easier than the mother.

Im not saying they will, but 9 times out of 10, this is the trend i have noticed.

:) PS: this is highly controversal, and im not saying this is the way it is, simply this is what i have noticed in the past.


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in theory no they would be feminised. sort of. if the plant was female then produced male flowers and pollinated the other female plants then yes there should be a good chance of feminisation. only problem is the plant that has now turned hermie has put its genetics into the seeds so there is always a chance of hermaphrodite plants. the seed company's do this over and over until they work out the hermies...


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