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Fem Seed and Nutrient Question


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I am looking to purchase some more seeds! Can anyone help?? I bought seeds from mms.. I am ok pleased with them the Neville haze x mullimby fem is the best in my eyes.. I have tryed the GDP reg seeds and pig fem seeds.. I am really looking for high thc level and great quality seeds fem seeds no more waisting time with reg seeds...and I wanna know wich brand of nut to use... I am useing the starter PAC that came with my set technaflora or somthing like that I purchased some starter fox farm from eBay and it is not really enough to tell if the plants like it or not but when I did use it my plants didn't die.. Yay! So if any one know were I can find these two things plz let me know thanks In advance


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Welcome Stew, we have a sponsors page you can check out here

I did find a breeder claiming to have 40-46% THC, but the seeds are $9880.00/10seeds(not one of our sponsors so I will not name them).

As far as nutrients, I like General Hydroponics line myself but everyone has a different opinion.


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Thanks lab.. Boy how I would love to have that much money to buy those seed never heard of a thc level that high!
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