Female preflower?


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looks like a tiny white hair ...what got me interested is it dosent look like a little peanut or ball like a male i had and killed.... how long before the hairs really start popping out?
if you have it on a 12/12 lighting schedule, then it should show better in a couple of days. If it is still in veg, it could take a while to show if it does at all. We had 40 plants and most showed sex before we put them on the 12/12. There are still a couple in veg that have not shown at all or look about the same as yours. I am going to wait till i put them on the 12/12 to make the call.
Probably just a bump, my plants have those growing where the branches meet the main stem, flowers show differently, you'll know them once you see them. Also they're most likely to grow and become noticeable on the tips of the branches and the main top. If they are in flower (12/12), they're not going to show sex if you have them on a 18/6 or any other vegging schedule. That's what the veg period is about, don't allow the plant to show flower, hence, sex.
nice, thanks for more tips of what to watch for .
Nice, you still have a long way 'til harvest but the buds are looking good. However the plant looks a little funny to me, could you upload some more pics of the plant itself?
I like u'r huge fan leaves.:slide: lookin' good is my vote.
It looks kinda scrawny to me. How long did you have it vegetating? was it from seed or cloning?
The bottom leaves look brighter, don't they? you might be experiencing early nute def., might want to look into that
5 week veg ...i ment for my plants to be small. ...soooo my plants fine and thanks...i use no nutes or any other chems...water light and dirt and some light trimming over time...its all you really need...can you make um bigger with all the chem help...yes...but i dont use that stuff...just what nature uses:) so far so good.
never felt iv needed anything like that...my plants are happy and healthy...im not sure how this thread turned into all this talk about fertalizers and all that stuff...all i wanted to know was after the first sign of female preflower... how long before the hairs really start popping out? lol but Que Sera, Sera right. :Namaste:
and dont get me wrong....im new...im still expireminting with how im going to do this in the future...organics are for sure on my list for future grows...but as ill show you in the pic below...with this grow, i was kind of looking at the effects of shade leaf trimming...the pic below is the same strain, but its in a smaller pot and iv done no trimming...its wierd because i thought that in a smaller pot the plant would of been shorter? im guessin the trimming of the other plant had an effect of how tall that plant got....one thing i have noticed is the plant i trimmed has thicker buds then the plant i didnt..but lol...that could be because its in a bigger pot maybe???
yeah, trimming probably had an effect on the height, and the fatter buds as well. Taking leaves off will stunt growth, hence the short plant in the bigger pot, and taking leaves off will open up the plant to allow more light to reach bud sites (from what i read), and more light means bigger buds. They are looking good to me, if you can get away without chemical, thats even better.
Just trying to help, buddy. I have a very limited space so I have to keep my girls relatively small. I have 3 in a 56x56cm (about 22-23") space which allows for the plants to grow up to about 80cm in height, although I don't like them to be that tall because they get too close to the light at about 15cm (about 6") and yet I got 117 grams (4.2oz) of dried goodies of primo quality. I also wanted to go as natural as possible so I made a hydroponic organic setup. I spent about $1,000 acquiring all the necessary equipment but man was it worth it! I use no chemicals at all, just phosphoric acid to lower the ph.
My point is, you could greatly improve on yield and effect, I believe this is something you should want if your intentions are to use for medicinal purposes, specifically pain relief, if you get a bad batch you may get discouraged or think that it doesn't work.
o i hear you man...didnt mean to come off as a prick or anything,my bad if i did. this is just really the beggining for me. i got tons of other pics up so you could see my progress in finding males figuring out sex...just started playing around with trimming on this grow. i just use bag seeds...i havent tryed cloning yet. im just a soil water light type of guy. its been working pretty good so far:)
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