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Feminized seeds light schedule


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I needs some advice...I thought I was growing THC Bomb Auto but obviously it is feminized. I have been using 20/4 light schedule and just 2 days ago removed THC to another room for 12/12 to start the flowering...so my question is do I stay 12/12 until harvest or do I change to more light hours once the flowering begins and buds are forming? It is a pain because I use one room for my autos and now having to create another room for this THC...I have 50 days into THC from seed until today...I am a newbie and only grown Autos so need a quick education on the light regiment for feminized...thanks for your advice in advance.


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veg time is usually 18/6 thats what i find works best. Flower is 12/12. putting in a room on 12/12 will initiate flowering, keep it 12/12 til finished. flowers start to show after 2 or 3 weeks on 12/12. do not interupt the light cycle or you will herm plant.

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Stay at 12/12 once flipped. If you increase it much, the plant will re-veg and be a mess.


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Like others have said, keep it 12/12. Some growers experiment with slowly decreasing the light over the flowering period to mimic nature (shorter days) and end up with 10 on 14 off but wait til you have more experience to mess with light cycles.


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Thank you so much! I guess I will just have to make another room for that one THC Bomb...truly thought it was an Auto...oh well!!!
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