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Fenton Council to Discuss Medical Marijuana Ordinances Next Month

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With medical marijuana use legalized in Michigan, local governments like Fenton are developing ways to regulate it in their communities.

Fenton City Council is scheduled to discuss two proposed medical marijuana ordinances at its June 6 work session. City attorney Stephen Schultz said he attended a recent Fenton Planning Commission meeting, which included discussion of the proposed ordinances.

Building and zoning administrator Brad Hissong said one proposed ordinance governs the caregiver/homeowner who has a card granted under state law and wants to grow the plant. The other proposed ordinance is regarding larger uses, such as dispensaries, which would be limited to Fenton's industrial district.

For the caregiver or homeowner, the recommendation is to amend the city's existing laws governing home occupations. Medical marijuana growing would require a special land use permit, which costs $376. The permit would be good for two years and could be granted administratively by Hissong or his office instead of at a meeting, he said. The growing of the medical marijuana must fit in with the residential character of the neighborhood. The applicant's compliance with conditions is necessary, so bright lights, for example, do not disturb neighbors.

With this proposed ordinance, the Fenton Police Department will know if there is a caregiver or homeowner at a location who has a permit to grow medical marijuana, Hissong said.

The second proposed ordinance is regarding larger medical marijuana operations, such as dispensaries. These would be located in Fenton's industrial park. In other communities, code enforcement experts reported problems when medical marijuana businesses located in commercial areas, Hissong said. In these communities, there have been issues with fumes crossing over into next-door bakeries and adjacent strip mall areas, for example.

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