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Fenton Planning Commission Recommends Growing in City's Industrial Park

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FENTON, Michigan – After recommending that medical marijuana clubs as well as distribution and growing facilities be allowed only in Fenton's industrial park, the planning commission also discussed allowing commercial greenhouses to grow.

Under the planning commission's recommendation, which now will be considered by city council for approval, medical marijuana patients who have been issued a state card will also be allowed to grow marijuana in their homes.

The option to allow commercial greenhouses to grow medical marijuana was not part of the planning commission's recommendation Thursday, but it could still be discussed when city council members take up the issue.

Planning commission chairman Patric Parker said he thinks a commercial greenhouse is an appropriate spot for growing, more so than the city's industrial park.

"It makes more sense to me for the other two operations – the distribution and the club – potentially be in the industrial zoning ... growing, I'm not as convinced," Parker said.

Currently the city has a moratorium that temporary halts medical marijuana related businesses from opening in the city. The city enacted the moratorium in August, as the planning commission worked to create ordinances addressing the issue.

Jon Gerych, owner of Gerych's Distinctive Flowers, who attended the planning commission's meeting, said he doesn't have an opinion on the city's regulations, but said greenhouses are a natural place to do any type of growing.

"The best way to grow it is not in a warehouse," Gerych said.

Gerych said he has been approached about leasing a part of his greenhouse to grow medical marijuana.

Brad Hissong, building/zoning administrator, said he's received nearly 50 calls – mostly from compassionate clubs – asking about the city's proposed ordinances. However, he said, some of those callers lost interest once he mentioned that the city is considering zoning those types of businesses in its industrial park.

"Not that we want to send business away, but we want to control it," Hissong said.

City Manager Lynn Markland said the city council will take up the proposed ordinances at a work session, likely in June.

"There are a lot of issues that were raised (Thursday) night. We're looking into them," Markland said.

Once the city council takes up the proposed ordinances, it could approve them as recommended by the planning commission, modify them or send them back to the planning commission.

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