Feral's Journal Of Insanity & Some Growing

Hey all, time to throw up another ongoing journal of my gardens, crazy methods and stupid ideas :) This will be a way more laid back approach than my last few journals, dont be afraid to join in, everyone is welcome to talk about anything they like in here. Main idea for this journal is to have an ongoing flow of pictures as things progress through my tents, i encourage others to post pics too :thumb: I will put up a few methods i use for each stage over the next few days if i get a chance, these are the ways i have found that work really well for me and they probably can for you too :thumb:

One thing i want to make clear from the start, If i give you advice, dont let it be the only answer, it is only my opinion and i could be completely wrong :rofl: what im saying is, take all the info you can get from as many sources and adapt it to your needs :thumb:

My Setup
For my flower tent i run a 5x5 GroCell powered by a 600w Nanolux OG and a growlite OG hood, hole has been cut in the top of my tent and hood hangs from the rafters due to its weight, basically level with the top of my tent giving me much more upwards growing space.
Veg tent is a 4x4 nofrills tent :rofl: does the job, powered by a 400w nanolux and a growlite "the hood 6", also running a 6" exhaust.
Early Veg tent is running a 130w 6400k CFL with a 4" carbon filtered exhaust, main reason for filter is this tent is also used for pollen when breeding :thumb: (right now im using a 2700k CFL as my 6400k globe went out late last week)

My main growing is done using Nutrifield Pro Pots, setup as standalone DWC's. I run a 95l/m air pump for my flower tent which feeds 6x 6" airstones that are divided between either 2-3 27L pro pots at a time, in veg i run a 75l/m also running 6x 6" airstones which run 6x 15l pro pots, in early veg i run a 35l/m pump which feeds 2x 6" airstones, one for each 20L bucket ;)

Nutes, i use the GH Flora series, basically the whole line, only missing a couple like flora blend etc, i also use Dutch Master Gold Silica and Zone.

For now i feel like i have been going on for hours, think i covered most of it, time for some pics :)

Flower tent
From left to right, Viper Cookies, Red Diesel and Psychotropic Mass :thumb:


Red Diesel, Day 34




Viper Cookies finally starting to show some pistils, Day 13


In the Veg Tent, Sour D male, Atomic Reveg, Mango Reveg, Snake Venom, Elephant Stomper and C99(g13 labs version, Brothers grimm version on the way) and the dying soil girls at the back lol these are strains i have already run or have cloned and dont need anymore, gave away about 10 but still left with them. Also another Sour D seedling and a 24K gold seedling :thumb:


Early veg is basically clones from everything im growing in the other tents.


Welcome, hope you all enjoy, dont forget to say hi :thumb:

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Subbed :passitleft: happy days mate...
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What's 24k gold
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Thanks :) she is still surprising me every day i open the tent, ps. that first pic was from a couple of days ago, i cheated as my main photo turned out too blurry :rofl:


But yeah i didnt expect her to be this big this quick, half way tomorrow, main reason she is smack bang in the middle of the tent and the others squeezed around her lmao. I did say about 6 months ago i needed to grow bigger plants, now i need a bigger grow space :rofl:
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I did say about 6 months ago i needed to grow bigger plants, now i need a bigger grow space :rofl:

Dont we all :/ I still havent figured out how to set up the 5x5 in the space i have. I originally bought it as an indoor vegetable garden...had plans for various herbs, lettuce, taters, peppers, etc....I now know if it goes up, I will fill it with pot :|
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Welcome latinbudder :passitleft:

Dont we all :/ I still havent figured out how to set up the 5x5 in the space i have. I originally bought it as an indoor vegetable garden...had plans for various herbs, lettuce, taters, peppers, etc....I now know if it goes up, I will fill it with pot :|

I had plans to grow veggies in with my girls, thats about as far as it got till i filled the tents full of pot :rofl: started with one tent, then 2nd and 3rd :rofl: Now im looking at putting up a separate building for it lol, hopefully sometime next year i should have somewhere a bit better setup :) still not sure if im gonna stay here or move out into full country areas, away from all prying eyes :)
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Just thought i would throw this up for anyone that has never cloned before, cloning is one of the most simple processes in a garden and can save a lot of time compared to waiting for seeds to germinate etc. Cloning is a 1:1 copy of the phenotype you are currently growing, as long as you keep it going you could be smoking the same primo buds for the rest of your life without spending a cent on another seed.

First up we take a cutting from our donor plant, main thing is to take a branch that has a couple of healthy nodes. When taking the cut i always try cutting on as much of an angle as possible, dont think it really makes a difference really but i see it as more surface area for the roots to start forming (even though in my cloner they sprout everywhere except the cut first lol)


Where on the plant do i take this damn cutting? well thats simple, anywhere you like, i have heard stories about having to take lower branches etc but in my opinion any node on any plant has the ability to perform as well as any other in the right lighting and conditions. So depending on what you are taking clones from is where you will take them on the plant, a mother plant you can take them from anywhere as that is all she is there for, to produce clones, on the other hand if you are taking clones from a plant you are about to put into flower, you dont exactly want to be taking the main branches and in effect a main cola.

So after you have taken your cutting, you will need a rooting hormone, i have tried a few "hydroponic" brands and in all honesty there is no difference, they all work the same, gels are good :thumb: I now use the cheap stuff from bunnings, yates brand, about $11au, comes in 3 different colors but the purple is what we want ;)


Pour blah blah... who am i kidding, open your cloning solution and throw the clone in :rofl: People worry about contamination etc but i know my plants dont have diseases, im not bringing other plants in from anywhere and using it so should be fine, at the price if it lasts a few months its all good.


Now leaving the clone in the solution, if i was going to plant straight into soil or coco i would leave it in for about 30sec and then straight into the PH'd medium, doesnt matter if its in there for longer, will just wilt a bit. I use a cloner, cost me about $100au, i dont add anything but tap water to it, saying that it runs off a res, pump and sprinkler system which constantly sprays water on the stem we just put our cloning solution on lol, for this i leave the clone in the solution for about 2 mins, allows it to soak up that extra little bit so it doesnt just wash straight off :thumb:

So for me i put my neoprene collar on and slip it straight into the cloner ;)



So where do we go from here if we use a cloner? Simple, couple of days and we should be starting to see roots, few more days and they are ready like this one.


This clone is now ready to go straight into any medium you desire, soil, coco, perlite, clay etc. Mine goes straight into clay balls in a 3" netpot in the early veg buckets.



Now here is a little trick if you are going down the same road i am in hydro using netpots, I pretty much follow the same principle as soil and up-pot, i let them grow into the 3" netpot for stability, one they have a decent root system forming i put them into their 6" netpot lids and fill in around them. This gives an absolute solid base to work from, will have branches snapping before having any movement in the root area ;)




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:ciao: I'll try my best to keep up this time. :)
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Hey Feral. Subbed, can't wait to start learning from someone else.
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