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Fertilizer during flowering


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Ok, I have been doing some research tonight on the best fertilizer during flowering. WOW..did I ever find every answer in the book, here is just a few examples: 10-20-10, 10-30-10, 15-9-30, 6-12-6, 15-30-15...as you can imagine as a newbie I am CONFUSED!!!

What really works??? Can someone tell me what you use, have used for awhile and is actually the best combo please??

Appreciate it.:Namaste:


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Re: fertilizer during flowering???

I can give you some input. Check out fox farms feeding schedule they use around 5 diff nutes during flowering with all diff npk values.
One thing that might narrow your search is i read that if you have npk of 10-20-10 its the same as having 15-30-15 because they are all the same multiples ( 10 half of 20, 15 half of 30). I would love to know if that is actually incorrect but thats what ive read.

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Okay, first of all, I recommend getting your fertilizer from a hydro store.

Secondly, the numbers represent the three macro nutrients for your plants; Nitrogen, Phospherous, and Potassium.

Nitrogen = Green Leaves/More Foliage
Phospherous = Healthy Root Zone
Potassium = Bigger, Better Flowers/Healthy Plants

So understanding this, you can get a better gauge of what numbers you will want for flower. You'll usually see Nitrogen is lower for flower fertilizers because you don't want more foliage, you want more flowers. Thus, the third number,Potassium, (K) is usually the highest in flower ferts, then P, the N.
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