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New grower with a thousand questions... I've read a lot on this forum about new growers ruining their plants with over fertilizing, wrong fertilizers.. etc. Is there a "fool-proof" method, like a fertilizer spike or something so I can adequately fertilize and also avoid ruining my first attempt at growing?


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Fertilizer spikes, like most pre-mixed soil's, release nutrients in a very non-uniform and inconsistent way.
The best system is to always err on the side of Not enough vs Too much.
Start 2-3 week old plants on 1/4 strength, and eventually add more strength to the nutrient mix as she grows.

If you run an entire grow and always UNDER fed, you will have some smoke and a good learning experience. May loose a few leaves along the way, and may not reach complete potential, but smokeable nugs will be had. :)

If you run an entire grow at MAX feed, or worse, over feed, she can die in a week. No nugs. No happiness. :)

Not enough anything can be fixed.
Too much anything can kill her.

Here's a link with tons of reading material for ya to check out--- HOW TO GROW MJ


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It's easy. DO NOT use anything that says time release formula. This makes it hard to know what nutes your plant has and what it needs. Your best bet is to do it a 1/4 strength at first, then slowly slide up as you see it needs it. It's just like baking. You can always add more, but too much can ruin the whole thing.


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I agree with the above. I NEVER suggest someone use time release nutes of any sort.

I recommend a 2 part or 3 part nutrient system (synthetic, or organic, that's up to the grower's preference) This will allow you to mix the nutes yourself, you know exactly what goes into the plant, you can also vary the quantity of each nutrient part to give you the proper strength of your NPK, and micronutrients to meet the demands of the plant in its current stage of growth.
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