Few questions about top feed drip hydro systems


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Hi all.. I would like to try hydro.. and i would like to use top feed drip system.. but i need to get some info about drip cycles.. may i run the drip system non stop or should i run it some minutes during the lights on?
I planned to plant my seeds in to rock wool cubes after than put them into hydroton.. i need some useful info to be succesfull at my first hydro attempt..
Thanks for your help mates..


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When I used to run my water farms They would run 24/7 without any issues. I now do ebb and flow.
Happy Growing.


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I have had no drama running top feed system on a schedule you just need to experiment with timing as to how long in between feeds. As the plant grows this will change. I find growing in jiffy pallets then in 4" pot of coco transferred into 6" net pot with hydroton on a DWC seems to be a low maintenance way to start them off as the coco is hard to overwater and stays moist for extended periods until the roots hit the res. coco is forgiving to over/under watering
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