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Few questions on LED


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Hello everyone :)
i am planing on making use of closed windowless space in my House for a 3-4 plant "operation" i have Choco loco seeds 90% sativa 10 Indica, i am looking for more bush and less height. Because of poor ventalation do to closed windowless space i am going for LED's. I am thinking small in the 200-300W range.
Do i look for one large LED lamp in this power range or for example 4x60W for good heat ditripuation?
what should i look for when choosing LED's ?
more LED's in the lamp or fewer 3-5W LED's?
What ratio of blue/red LED should i try for?

best regards
Mr.newbe ;)


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I would go with 2 x 150W LED from wall, most 300W ( 100x3 or 60x5) rated panels use 150-170W.

But you need ventilation or CO2 and ac.
Plants eat CO2.

For growing short sativas you have to train them with topping and lst.

Mars Hydro

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:bravo::cheer:I'm glad your girl like it.
I'm loving my Mars Hydro 96. Bright as all can be. Only using it for 1 plant now, but she loves it.

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