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few questions :)


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ok so ive got a few questions i didnt manage to find in the search tool.

first off, how high should the water level be on the net pots?

what is ppm? and how do i measure it?

and my air stones float, how do i stick them to the bottom? i didnt want to use anything that would polute the water.

any input is highly appriciated! thanks.

JJ Bones

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I'm assuming your in some sort of DWC or NFT system. Keep water level high in the beginning, as it the roots develop more you can lower it, but generally I try to keep it around the middle of the net pot. You almost have three sections of roots, top doesn't like much water, middle likes a bit and bottom needs to be submerged.

PPM = parts per million, measure it with a TDS/PPM meter. EC and TDS Meters to Measure Nutrient Solutions

Honestly, I would get higher quality air-stones, never seen any that float. Perhaps it's the shape or they may be really cheap.


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Thanks JJ! Also any idea where i could purchase a ph tester from? Theres plenty on ebay but is there any well known decent ones people use?


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The little air diffusers may move around. Alott of stores (like walyworld) have some large ones that stay putt that I've found. Good luck with your girls..:volcano-smiley:


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The only air stones at wmart around me are the blue plastic ones that do float. I bought a few in a pinch as there are no grow stores around my area. I stuck them down with a fish tank repair silicone.
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