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few questions


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I'm in flower stage right now, and the other day I passed out, and over did the 12hrs of light, and they ended up getting 14hrs of light, on a 1000 watt HPS bulb-

Can I give them additional rest to get back to a regular 12/12 cycle, more daylight timing ? Or will it hurt them to have additional sleep time?

I'm growing a cloned hash plant strain, in a 4x5 area, with mylar paper on 3 sides top to bottom, open side is where my fans blow air on them, and have a trash can filled with water to add moisture to the room.

And how long does it generally take for clippings to take root ? Doing my clippings kinda on generic mode till I can generate some revenue- using clear plastic bottle bottoms, with the cloning collars, and I usually put a dash of bio-thrive[plant food] into the water the clippings are in, as a substitute for clonex-spray
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