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Fields Of Marijuanna Found In Vietnam


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Instead of transporting drugs to the capital from borders, criminals plant and grow the drug on the spot. Marijuana fields of thousands of square meters have been found in provinces around the northern city of Hanoi, some only 30km away.

On March 13 police broke a marijuana ring in Hanoi and they found a 1,000 sq.m marijuana field in Tho Xuan Commune, Dan Phuong District, Ha Tay Province.

Drug traffickers have hired farmers in Tho Xuan to grow marijuana in their fields. By March 27, 2007 ten people had been arrested for drug trading and growing marijuana, including farmers.
Police have also discovered some other marijuana gardens in Dan Phuong District. Those gardens are quite near each other and police suspect that they have the same owner.

The discovery of marijuana grown in Dan Phuong has surprised many because this crowded rural area is only 30km from Hanoi. Last year police also detected a marijuana garden of nearly 1,000sq.m in the northern province of Hung Yen and a ring trafficking the drug in Hanoi.

"Straight beds of marijuana are surrounded by banana, maize trees and only several meters from residential areas. This is the first time I saw criminals who dared to grow marijuana in such a public manner, "After we destroyed the marijuana garden in Hung Yen, a local man told me that if someone had hired him to grow marijuana he would have because he didn't know what marijuana looked like," said a senior policeman.

According to police, marijuana is planted for years without being detected because local people don't know what a marijuana tree is. The owner of a marijuana field said that they were medicinal plants because marijuana looks like artemesia, an herbal tree.

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