Final Grow in the Box Cap'n Style - Welcome Aboard

hey guys,this is my final flower in the box,it has served me well,and when I bought it 6 years ago for 20 bucks I woullnt have guessed it would have provided this,but it has been flawless

I will give you a tear down of it when time comes,but for now let see whats going to finish in the room

I wont give to much on the breeder,but they didnt last long and pretty much got run off the earth,for being shitty people/breeders.

the strain I am growing is gBp=== berry bomb x grand daddy purple

sits under 2 x 600wt(currently running 400 in each side,but had some heat/ height issue,so I had to drop)
grown in 11 gallons of grodan mini cubes ( Cap'n style)
ph/ppm 5.8--1100
advance nutrient jungle juice 3 part

seed was started on july 4th,it was to flower in sept,but I dropped the bastard,and she went from 3 ft to 1 ft.
flower started on 11/11,so we will continue on

1 seed out of 20 germed from these guys,

she always grew funny,the little branch turned out to be the dominate one


this is the size difference in a 5 gallon and what I made.

in veg about 3 weeks before flip,the scrogg screen is 60 inch x 40 inch

took KingJohnC trimming defoil advice

the day of the flip,

was using a side curtain,to shorten the room,but for 100 bucks on your door step,you cant beat the little mars-hydro 100x3 LED

7 Days after flip










got root stump???


I have some of these pictures in wrong order,the lighter was at 14 days and the marker was at 21
the last 3 were from 12/5,so about 24 day??

must be the camera,they dont look anywhere as "frosty" in person
yes sir,Doozy this is one plant,the plan was to bust the 20zip mark,but with me having to drop bulbs,not sure it will happen.

my lack of training and underestimating the stretch,has ran me into heat/height issues with the hps

it happens to us all
looking good - Im here to watch this finish up!
good 2 see ya mrrobert

are you interested in a diy ona bucket?getting ready to make a second one if ya would like pictures??
good 2 see ya mrrobert

are you interested in a diy ona bucket?getting ready to make a second one if ya would like pictures??

i actually have a purchased one - wish i would have looked it up first - been kicking myself for that one for a little bit lol.....
I need to build another actually so yea for sure - would love to hear your spin on it :)
man that's a great looking bucket,whats the nickel on that??

tbh,Ive never searched them out,but ive never seen that before hahahhaha
here ya go mrrobert

takes about 20 minutes to make

1 5 gallon
1 lid
1 bottle of ona
1 jar of soil moist
1/2 gallon of water (that is dependent on how low you drill holes)
I used 1 inch holes in this one


cut hole in lid and secure fan,this one I just drilled a hole and wire tied it to the lid


sit the fan on top and blow it down and ona air comes out the side holes

or sit inside and have the air get pulled through the holes

I mixed the water,1/2 Cup of ona and 2 tbps of soil moist a little goes along way,let it set up,can take UP TO 45 minutes
if you need it thicker,just a little at a time

when its finished it should look like ona gel,just add water/ona every few days and it works forever,DONT let the soil moist dry our

this thing is portable use it anywhere,I take it out to the garage,down to the mancave anywhere a session breaks out lmao

OH, if ya ever needed a poormans scrubber,take a lid and put a 6 inch adapter and you can hook a vent hose to it,Ive done it plenty

man that's a great looking bucket,whats the nickel on that??

tbh,Ive never searched them out,but ive never seen that before hahahhaha

About 55 online. Plush the gallon size ona. But I just the refill it with refill liquid. I like fresh linen
Nice ona bucket. Pretty much what I have seen. You did a clean install. The ona made bucket pushes the air in if you were curious lol. I need to make another one. My wife wants one upstairs now lol.
on days i cant blow my exhaust outside, it goes through the bucket,works pretty good

dont have it near your drying herb,it will take on the taste of ona,I learned the hard way man

lemon kush turned into linen fresh
well tonight was change out night, is consuming almost 2 gallons a day,thirsty girl,

I would never profess anything in the growing world,but man,this is getting to be a big bitch,I have to say one of the biggest ive seen in person,atleast the 5 ft wide portion,ive not traveled the earth,not seen it all,but holy cow,
Im always to high,but I cant get any work done,I just stare at it.Wish my coaches,Sl1ngblade and
TheCapn were here to check this out.

overall health-about 8,it smells just like berry s,but handle the leaves,and o boy skunky catpiss,I like that:cheesygrinsmiley:
I started counting tops and what was coming up,I stopped at 120,there is more.

few years ago I started using my bloom nutrients,in the transitional period 2 week before flower,I like my flowering to begin the day I turn the lights.

had to stay with the decision to stay at 400wt each side,I have the room at 78-80 and R/H AT 35%
but I am out of height and tying them down anymore is getting tough,the 600 are just to warm,I will suffer from yield either way,600 will cook the shit out of them,400 yield is a little less,I dont sell,so my interest is in quality

I do Need scrog help,my screen experience is limited,I really dislike the lack of space,cant work on the thing,yield does make up for hassle,but still. Its a freaking jungle,air flow will be a concern soon

ph lifted to 6.0,
ppm set at 1150,

day 27 since the flip to 12/12

400 hps left and 400 M/H on right


MH side,smaller and "tighter"

hps side,I shouldnt use this one it is a true top,it is bigger but also not as tight,If in a week or so,it doesnt start to tighten,I will have to risk the heat of a 600 to finish.



way to thick in here,6 weeks ago this thing was a naked j bird


oh oh,front side led bud:cheesygrinsmiley:
Thanks JT and KingJohnC

King,I really didn't think it would get this silly,lmao.but boy did it take off

air flow is a concern right now
I have a much different understanding of defoliation applied at the proper time line to enhance vegetative growth and flowering. You can see examples of how I defoliate and train my plants in my Grow Journals and Reviews. I would defoliate in vegetative growth 10-14 days before flowering to remove excess fan leaves and open more light to branches and nodes that become bud sites and colas. I defoliate in vegetative growth by removing any fan leaves that are excessively shading the branches and nodes to encourage the nodes to grow larger and produce more colas. I use Low Stress Training to tie the branches of my plants to the outer edge of the rim of the pots and each branch becomes its own bud site and cola. When I defoliate in preparation for flower I leave no more then 4 fan leaves at each growing top and remove the majority of the fan leaves, any fan leaf that shades a top and lower growth, this is a perfect time to select cuttings to root as clones from the plants you are about to place into flower. I defoliate in flower at days 21-25 of flower when the stretch phase has ended by removing lower growth that will not produce anything except for popcorn bud and any fan leaf that shades a bud site and again if required at day 45.

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There is a good example of how I defoliate in this Grow Journal and Review

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thanks for the links,King.I have read through most of those,will continue to

I will say that,when I did the defol,and took those 7 gallons of leaf off,I did not expect it to turn into this,the plan was to slow it down,not speed it up,lmao

I will admit,I got nervous and just couldnt scalp her,a 2nd time before flower,I learn:cheesygrinsmiley:

next one I will take all of your tips,verbatim
i finally brought myself to perfrom a heavy defoil on this grow - So glad i did - made all difference in my grow

i was really scared first two grows - glad i went for it this time!!
very fine work,mrrobert

Im learning man,Im a caveman grower,until I switched to RW I never trained,much

I love the yield difference in a scrogg,but man crawling around on the floor sucks.

I usually do the capn style with no net,but man,Capn had a 20 zip plant,that was my goal,but switching to the 400,wont happen,I dont believe

Pumped out a little over 18 zips with these 2,not records or anything,but they were only in about 3 gallons of media each

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