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Final week


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I'm in the last week or so of my grow. Few Amber trichs, most cloudy and some clear.

At this stage I'd normally harvest as I don't like being too heavy couch locked. But if I was to wait a week or so where more clear turned cloudy and more cloudy turned Amber,
Would yield go up that much?


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If you are seeing some amber then I do not think you will see much more yield from that point on.

The buds may harden some more for you.

But I have not seen any more yield unless it is a crazy sativa that is still putting out new flowers.

I had a haze that at the very top it just kept putting out new flowers.

I thought it was because it had out grown the tent the the top was to close to the light.

But for most of the plants I have grown the yield is set by the time I see my first amber.
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