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Finding Meds In Colorado - Low Income Help Please


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Ok...here is the problem.

We (my wife and I) both have chronic pain and we can go though 4 to 6 ounces a month!
The so called wholesale pricing at $200 an ounce is costing us $800 to $1200 a month!!! OUTRAGEOUS!!!
She is unable to work!

If I don't have enough med to keep the pain in check I can't work!

When I am able to work I still don't make enough to come close to affording that much....

There is no way I can grow fast enough to keep us in med's.

I have been to at least 20 dispensary's ... $200 oz, $10-20 a gram, And maybe an 1/8th a month free. They are in it for the money and that's ok.
We need a private caregiver that is not making $ from our suffering!!

Does anyone have any helpful ideas???


420 Staff
Have you tried asking each of the collectives if they know any compassionate caregivers that might be interested in working with you? Have you asked everyone you meet in person, (never do it here) if they are interested in doing a joint venture garden with you? Spread the word, take advantage of every opportunity to bring up the subject, wherever you go. Hope this helps. :Namaste:


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Skinny: late to post, but I feel your pain. I don't need anythink like those quantities and the cost still hurts!

I had a couple of ideas: first, there's a dispensary you've likely already found that does $8 grams in downtown Denver.

Second, there's a club based out of Castle Rock. I don't know much about 'em, but they throw big 'meet and greet' events every few months. Could be a great way to meet caregivers and the like.

Best of luck to you!

Edit: oops, PM me for details/names. Don't want to plug non-sponsors or other web sites :bong:
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