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Finding Seeds


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If you find a seed in a bag of weed you got are you supposed to squeeze it? I heard if you squeeze it and it doesn't crack it's good to grow. Have I just been killing a lot of seeds?

Thought of something else while I was cruising this site, as far as nutrients go how do you know what N,P,K ratio is the proper one for what plat you are growing? Is it basically trial and error? Is there a way to properly determine what ratios to use?
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you want seeds that are hard,spotted and beige to brown. avoid anything thats soft,pale or green. if you squeeze it and it breaks its probably not mature enough to germinate. I like nute "systems" IMHO. If you go with a system of nutes they will have the nute amounts per gallon on the label for each stage of growth.General hydroponics has some great ones for hydro.If you are serious about you grow I would recomend one of this sites links.

dope seeds.

you know what you are growing, about how tall it should be and the quality will IMHO most cases exceed whatever you got lucky with in a nug of bagweed.
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Look for tiger stripes on the seed casings. Viable seeds should also be somewhat plump. A white seed means it has lost it's casing and is in most cases no longer able to grow. Don't squeeze your seeds!

N-P-K ratios are all personal preference. A 10-10-10 fert. can have the same effects as a 5-5-5 fert. if mixed to a more dillute proportion or when fed less frequently. Yes, basically it's trial and error and finding out what works best for your plants and the enviorment they are in.
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