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Finished First Grow - Final Weight anyone?


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Hey guys,

Just grown a Jack Herer Hydro and pleased with the results

4 days after harvest (drying at 50 RH to 55RH), the weight was 159g

It felt like its lost a lot of weight, but still sticky and just a tiny bit moist right inside

What do you think my weight will be 10 days after harvest (jaring with 62 percent humidity packs)

Loads of pick in GROW 1 below.


Fuzzy Duck

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Well to cut it short...

Mmm about some 70% of final wet weight is water/moisture in the bud & a little stem so what you looking at once dried 'n' trimmed is roughly 20 to 30 % dry weight.

159g wet ah well that is a good 4 oz plus so a ball part figure for dry weight would be between 1 oz to 1.5 oz dry aprox once all trimmed up.
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