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Finished First Harvest - Flowering Tangi Mother & Next Steps


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My clones may not make it - here is my backup - picking her up tomorrow Strain - Blue Cheese
She is a clone and I am looking to turn her into 10 healthy new clones to flower come September 20th for a mid November Harvest :)

My Tangilope mother is day 10 of flower and will be done around September 20th thus Blue Cheese will have a flowering tent then :)

What's next you ask:
Starting 2 mothers in 2-3 weeks when they arrive:
Monkey Punch
Crash Bang Fuck
Steve Seed

Then I will take clones from them so I can have new clone ready Mid-November for Flower and can continue the process :)

I will be making a post shortly about my first ever Harvest – feeling blessed.

1st Ever Grow

1st Ever Harvest

Picture of the bud

Anoter pictures of the bud

Blue Cheese New Arrival

Mother that's in Flower
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