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Finishing Up A Lone Revolver


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A little late to the game i am with this post, but i am at day 90 of the most ghetto grow you can imagine.
running CFL's on 24/0, soil i grabbed from the dollar store and basically a few jobes organic fert sticks in there. Unfortunately i Topped her without knowing thats not a great idea for autos. live and learn. lol anyways heres some pics. just waiting on the right amount trichs to turn amber then shes ready for harvest. front:
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Re: Finishing Up a Lone Revolver.

Looks delicious bud! For autos LST is a great tool to use. The training method you are speaking of is HST or high stress training. Topping and super cropping fall into that category because you are physically damaging the plant. Autos do not have the time to recover, well some do. She looks great and looks like you'll get a decent yield out of her.


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Those look tasty. Well done. I'm waiting on the seed for this to arrive. My first grow so it's comforting to know revolver can thrive like this even in a "ghetto grow"..lol Did you top really early? Because that looks plenty healthy. What was your yield?
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