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Fire OG

Scott Wheelman

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Strain Name: Fire OG

From: River Valley Collective

When: April 2011

Grade: B

Type: Hybrid

Price: $95/quarter oz

Looks: Medium green with some red/orange tints to the fluffy buds due to all the orange hairs.

Smell: Not much...another (hydro?) grow with a non-descript to non-existent scent to the nugs.

Taste: Somewhat sweet greens...but nothing I could easily identify/taste

Buzz Type: Hybrid...but mainly spacey and cerebral

Buzz Length: 1.5 hours +/-

Best Medicinal Use: Appetite enhancement and mood improvement

Overall: When I was first told about this strain, I thought I had another repeat of a strain I already reviewed (Fire OG Kush). However upon taking a good look at this sample, it was obvious there was no Kush to this strain — at least not any of the typical traits. After smoking this bud, I got really spacey and energetic — a telltale sign I got a sativa dominant strain. My thoughts/focus also ebbed in and out, leaving me with partially completed conversations and bouncing around the house. Honestly, the only sign the Fire OG had any indica in the lineage was the munchies that set in, because I ate double stuffed Oreo's until my wife took the package away from me. ;)










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Looks very tight, dark green rock like chunks that look like mini boulders. It smells like pine and jet fuel. Taste is really nice menthol flavour with a woody after taste. Overall a great version of OG Kush. Definitely grown with pride. :MoreNutes:
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