Firecrackers + Vaped Weed = Awesome?


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I have a vaporbrothers vaporizer, and about 2 grams of left over vaped weed. I've read posts here about making firecrackers in a microwave, and I would like to know if that will also work with vaped weed. There is still some green in it, and the rest is a light brown. I'd imagine you would just need a lot more for the same potency firecrackers, but does anyone know how much more? Is it a manageable ratio like 3:1 or something too high to be worth it?

This is just MY opinon, but I would think it wouldn't be worth it. But I can't stand the taste of them that's why, so if you can go for it (if you get the ok). But otherwise I wouldn't find it worth it... plus shit you got a vaporizer, use that!
Considering how efficient vaporizer's tend to be, I couldnt imagine being able to get anything else out of the remains. But I don't have any experience when using vaporizer leftover's at all.
You're right, the vaporizer does rock, and I highly recommend it to everyone. Its just that I have not yet tried edibles and had all this vaped weed sitting there...
Yea man, I don't have experience myself with it, but I wouldn't see a point in eating vaped buds, the THC has already been vaped, and even if a lil bit remained, it would be like 1/10 of what was actually there or less.

Which, depending on what buds you vape, could take a lot of bud...
Vape waste works in making olive oil so one would think it would work for firecrackers. N'est pas? :cheesygrinsmiley: :peace:

Gonna taste like burnt popcorn and peanut butter.. yummy!
or los angeles in the early ninties...

Let me explain something to you. Um, I am not "Mr. Lebowski". You're Mr. Lebowski. I'm the Dude. So that's what you call me. You know, that or, uh, His Dudeness, or uh, Duder, or El Duderino if you're not into the whole brevity thing. :icon_cool
I'll try it tonight. Already planning on it.

I'm pumped, hah. Brand new vape, too.

:peace: Earth Child
Haha.... well here's what happened. I got real damn high and started watching Harry Potter. Which I hate. Those books are horribly written. But my buddy and I started watching The Goblet of Fire, hahahah. And we got addicted, and neither one of us wanted to get off the couch.

I guess I'll have to make 'em another time. I promise, it'll be soon, though.

I'm just gonna' use the organic peanut butter on saltines.

That's the only kind I've ever had before.

Any "better" suggestions?

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i dont know how you could get that to work? i have smoked vaped weed in a pipe and it tastes like there is nothing in it to get u stoned so i am unsure how that would progress to food.
You would get more out of it cooking it in oil or heavy butter.
It does work. I tried it myself and I get a nice buzz.
My theory on why it works is the same as why res also can get you high.
When I burn crystally bud I notice that the glands always melt first. Same with good kief and bubble hash. When it melts it turns into a oil before it vaporizes. Naturally alot of the oil residual sticks to the remaining plant material. Its just not as strong thats all.
i dont know how you could get that to work? i have smoked vaped weed in a pipe and it tastes like there is nothing in it to get u stoned so i am unsure how that would progress to food.

I don't think you can smoke enough to get high. I tried that to and it just taste like ass with nothing. I get what you mean but with cooking you can really concentrate it.
I hope so, hah. Save some cash. I could also mix it with the kief from my grinder.... although that could be a bit of a waste, hmm. I dunno', it's worth a shot either way.

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