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First 190 grain alcohol extract for vape juice


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@BushDoctor77 is that because he thinks vaping is bad, or is s/he overeacting to the black market vape carts that are causing lots of harm? Surely it can't be more harmful than smoking????



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BTW, my VA doc just told me to quit vaping and go to smoking or edibles.
It depends on what you are vaping, anything made with solvents, beware, 190 proof grain alcohol is probably the safest of the solvents, but I will not vape anything else made with solvents.
Rosin, my lung Dr. said if your going to consume that and edibles are the way to go.
I also decarb the Rosin to use in edibles.
I still like a good bowl though!

Bush Doctor 77

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There's a big chemical difference between oxidized(smoked) cannabis extract, and extract that is vaporized. There is also a physical difference, such as condensation of vapor in the lungs. Smoke doesn't condense and change phases, vapors do.
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