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HIGH my felloW grower and readers this is my first go at what will be mt first tent grow.

My inventory and equimet is pretty much standard and advise and leadership is always welcome.I believe one can never know enough.


Tent 150x150x200

Lights 1 x 400w MH / 2 X 400W HPS (Flowering)

1 M/ Adjust a wing (Veg) / 2 x M/Adjust a wing (Flowring)

Outtake 1 x 6" Inline Hydor Fan
Intake - Passive (Ducting with filter)
(Advise Welcome):welcome:

20L Bags for the ladies

Complete Supersoil Mix (Cooking for at least 4 months)Not very strong mix but has all the essentials.

NUTRIENTS i have Greenhouse Veg/Short Flower
I will try the combo off chem nutrients with the supersoil.
(Opinions welcome)

1 x 15" Fan inside pushing air around

1 x temp,air humidity meter

Strain is a Northen light bean i got through a trusted source but strains still to be selected.Running on this NL and 2 other bag seeds just to get system up and going.

That's it hope im not missing something.Hope you will enjoy this as much as i will. Pleae advise when you see im about to burn my fingers haha

Sounds like a good set up man! I'm also growing in a 5x5 right now, but I'm using LED's. Do you have any pics of the set up for us? And also are you going to be using anything for smell, or is that not a concern?

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Welcome to :420:! I'll follow you around make sure you you don't get hurt. I'll start this off now, not to worry it is brand new and just lit, you won't burn your fingers yet. :thumb:

Thanks Nismo Brother a true gent.Well there is always room for error.Nice to have you on board
Sounds like a good set up man! I'm also growing in a 5x5 right now, but I'm using LED's. Do you have any pics of the set up for us? And also are you going to be using anything for smell, or is that not a concern?

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Well carbon filter is the way to go definitely. I am adding to my collection as i go still waiting for the 400w MH (USING hps for now)

And my wing reflector,those few items are due in few days.

Thanks nice to have you on board!

The Lady in her 1 week of Glory.She is loving the 400w at the moment.

She has some real Afghanica Pheno showing early. Also a very light colour compared to all the other afghanica pheno iv seen maybe just maybe i have a winner!:circle-of-love:


She had a few weird spots on the bottom leaves when popping but its seems to leaving now
I moved her closer to the light about 25-23cm from the light with the fans wind directly on the light.This has enough spread to leave the plant cool enough and get the most lummens out of it.


Pick up some stretch on the bottom of the plant,not on the canopy.The canopy remains short inter-node but stretch on the stem at the bottom.

Plant increased grow visibly over night being closer to the light.

Still have wird brown spot softly apearing on my 2 set of leaves nothing on my 3rd and new set.Also feeding is on point but the colouyr remains Light.Can it be the strain?
Is it fair to understand i can put my plant as close to the 400w as what my heat allows me?with the fan blowing the heat away im at 17cm with no issue eccept visible fast grow.

I can not believe my eyes we are half a day since my last post and speed at which this plant grows is wow.


Green colour is starting to get darker at the start of the leaves so i can the say it was n nute dif?

Yesterdays flush of nutes seems to be helping.Doing a calmag flush in 2 days.:cheer:
Got my seed order more or less ready

Royal Queen seeds -Bubble Kush
Dutch Passion - Dutch cheese
Loud seeds - Pre 98 Bubba
Cali connection 818 - Headband Sour OG
Barney's farm - Red Diesel
Dinafem - Purple Afghan Kush

Looking so forward to placing my order using Bonza Seeds.

i flushed and the added my nutrients again.Both plants are looking healthy and happy again. Colour is starting to return as well.

The other plant same is a real mongol :thedoubletake:

He is topping himself into 3 and weird leaf turning structure.I left the plant and its turning out to be very interesting cant wait to see what comes from this.:smokin:

So i figured while im waiting for beans ill experiment a little.

I found this chart that really makes things easy i must say.

Rally maps out the basic stuff.

Setting up my intake tomorrow as well just decided to play it safe and run positive pressure.

Well thats that my kit is almost complete,will post photos of the new toys.


The Mongol

Follow a feeding session i got from a fellow grower.Lifted my lights after some heat stress on the to leaves and increase airflow.My plant grew over 3cm that night.I moved it a bit further than 30 cm just to get a bit stretch on her.

I went and pinch hers so my first split would occur.She is extra bushy and short noded. :thumb:
I must ask for some Help.

My tent is 5 x 5 x 6.5.My fan is on low at the moment 6" hydor Inline Sucking air out.

1,5m x 1,5m x 2m x60 x 1,33 = 359.1 cfm is needed to replace air every 1 min or 60 times a hour in my tent

Here is my specs of the fan

I that good enough??i am going for a negative pressure to eliminate all possible smell come Flowering.

Maybe meduim speed just to make sure.Heat is not a issue at all temp is around 73 Fahrenheit or 24 degrees.
I'm in for your grow! Good luck...your setup sounds great!

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Thanks Freidog.:thanks:

I checked the math and if the specs are right on the fan, you should be OK. I have about the same setup (my room is a bit bigger) and I have a good negative pressure. There is nothing escaping the room except for air out of the scrubber.

Especially if you put the fan on high, you should be good to go!

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