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First Amsterdam Coffee shop visit


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On the first day of my first visit to Amsterdam, the first thing I looked for after dropping off my bag at the hotel was a real, live Amsterdam Coffee shop. Fortunately they were plentiful in the part of town where I stayed near Dam Square. The first one I stumbled across was one named the 4:20. That name definately caught my eye

Walking in the first thing I noticed was the sweet, fine smell of reefer. Then the dark wood walls and bar. Nice! Behind the busy bar was a young lady. I moseyed over and said in a very cool way, "I need a buzz so bad I cold scream". She directed me to the back where a man was standing behind a low counter. I repeated my plea to this gentleman and he said "Why don't you try a pre-rolled spiff. It's a good combination, smooth and high but not stupid". Oh hell yes! My kind of place!

Paying for and picking up my J, I walked back up front to the bar and ordered a drink. Looking over toward the active window, I saw that there was a low window shelf with a few stools. Two stools were already taken by two young heads, one green haired, one with blue hair, who were busy rolling one up. The third stool was empty, so's I grabbed it and had a sit down. The view out the window was a hoot! Small restaurants and art shops where everywhere, the view highlighted by the ever shifting crowd.

Lighting up and taking a few hits, I was doing just fine. Looking over I nodded hi to the guys on my right. The blue haired guy said hi back and we go to shooting the shit, as people will do. They were from Montana and were in the Dam for a vacation too. They'd been in town for 3 days already and were having a really good time. We go to talking smoke, of course, and I made mention that I was a reefer gal and not a hasher, never even tried the stuff. (I'm such a purist pain in the ass sometimes)

My two companions right then said that before I became too rigid in my outlook I should at least give it a try, that I shouldn't be stuck up. Hey, when you're right, you're right!.

So I was handed a pipe and proceeded to smoke my lungs out, all for a good cause. It was a really good buzz, no doubt, but kind of deep for me. The young buds were truly an excellent first smoking experience, so, happy, high and full of life. Thanks to them I'm no longer a hash virgin. It wasn't painful at all. Thanks, young heads for a wonderful deflowering.:adore::smoke2:

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the first thing I looked for after dropping off my bag at the hotel was a real, live Amsterdam Coffee shop

That would be me! :31:
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