First attempt at e juice

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Recently been looking up how to make cannabis e juice mostly for my mum who has got arthritis and anxiety. Ive got her off cigs so been playing around with this. Ill be using it to for insomnia.

So ive only managed to run one test so far (lack of funds) with 1.6 grams.

What I did was a QWISO, had everything in freezer several hours before hand (I read that helps and gives you more time before start pulling nasty stuff) then instead of letting the Iso evap off I mixed in my e-juice i was going to use, i mixed in around 3ml then let the Iso evap.

After a few hours I was left with an amber colored liquid that i sucked in to a syringe, there was no separation that people had mentioned vaped quiet well too and did help with my sleep it just didnt seem that strong no stoned feeling, so i was wondering should i decarb before QWISO next time?

The local guys generally dont know what they are doing with growing and curing, they just want to make a quick buck.

Any advice greatly appreciated!
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So ive done another test with a decarb before QWISO, worked better than the first run. Waiting for a grow to finish so i can use more herb and trim to get a more potent product.

Anyone else tried and succeeded (or failed) please post as it may help the process (failure will help more cause then ill know what not to try ;P)

Peace peeps
Mix your consentrate with either puff majic or ej mix. I do ever clear 2x 3 min wash. I never use more then 2 parts mix to 1 gr. mix it up in a shot glass on a candle warmer or double boiler. Fill a tank I use joyetech evic vt with kanger subtank nano with ni coils. Getting1000 hits off 2ml. For months now! I had issues before temp control but since have had no problems. Never a dry hit I don't get very big clouds but it does the job well.


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I used to both ejmix and puffmajic but didn't really like the aftertaste, it's a bit plasticy for me. I would recommend Holy Terp as it has a more natural flavoring as they have natural terpenes in them and the pricing is a little cheaper as well. I've used their "Jack" and "Philosopher" liquids and they were excellent.

The instructions for Holy Terp say 2:1 (liquid to concentrate), but I use 1.5:1 instead so it is a bit stronger. Using a glass mixer and torch or lighter works to mix your concentrate and the liquid.


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Holy terp has more cannibus tasty flavors ej gave me a bad taste after a few weeks using it. There is also puff majic which is not bad either. I personally disliked ej but it worked just fine.
I just can't add terpenes to my concentrates. Call me old fashioned but I want to taste what I am vaping. What type of concentrate did you use and what amount of Ejmix? Used as I described I fail to get any off flavor. The key is to use good starting material and to use the minimum amount of Ejmix needed.


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The ingredients in holy terp are the same as Ejmix. Except HT adds VG and terpenes. So if you are getting an off taste with Ejmix you would get that with HT but covered up with the added terps. I find Qwet and Qwiso have less flavor than other solvents but we don't discuss those extraction methods on this forum. Though Qwet definitely trumps Qwiso for sure. With the shatter I get I wouldn't want to add terpenes to cover what is already there. If HT had a non flavored version I would be willing to try it.
I just like them personally. Ht has the best weed flavors, a little strong in a new tank and coil. puff has the best flavor flavors and they are very subtle.Ej just didn't do me is all but glad you found one you like it took me a year and lots of frustration.
Puff majic has a naked. I have used all three and perfer holy terp to the others personally. I know guys who don't mind ej but after 2-3 days it bugs me ht doesn't but ej is a good product!
I get the same issue after a couple days with EJ, there's like this lingering bitter taste that stays in my mouth. I think the holy terp one may use a different base than EJ except for the terpenes, because when you try it in your tank by itself without the concentrate there is a little bit of a difference in smoothness, with the EJ being rougher. The terpenes that holy terp seems to add though just seems to magnify some flavors in the concentrate, like i wouldn't even be able to tell there's extra flavoring.