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First Big Grow


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I unfortunately live in a ass backward state, so we're still trying to legalize. I had only grown a couple plants around the my yard prior to trying to grow enough for myself, friends, and family.
I am fortunate enough to live in a fairly remote area, so I grow outside. I started about two dozen plants, figuring I'd have some males to eliminate, and some that didn't thrive. I ended up pretty successful.
As for the type of plants, I hate to admit, I am a seed saver and used a variety of seeds that I have no idea what strain they were. I ended up with waaayyyy more than I could process myself, and wasted a lot of good product. I still had close to 2 lbs.
It ended up being decent smoke, and a good, a nice alert, get busy high. I even had plenty to made a 32 ounces of oil for brownies, they were the bomb. I gained 20 lbs that year. I love those edibles.
Anyway, these are pics of that grow. I plant outside after the spring equinox and last frost. and let them do their thing until about mid-late September. They grew 6-8 feet tall. I'm going to try again this year, wish me luck. I have about 18 plants started.
Any tips will be appreciated! Thanks for checking them out! Happy growing!


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What happened exactly?

I like the sunflower screen!

I had planted everything at the same time, so it all was ready to harvest at the same time. Then there were pounds to be trimmed and dried. Adding to my misery, i missed a male plant and had to deal with some seeds. Trying to get everything finished and put in jars without help, was an overwhelming task. I ended up getting frustrated and I know I tossed out a lot of good product just to get finished. I will be staggering from now on, putting at least a week between starting times.


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Liking the outdoor grow! It’s too cold where I live to get any good buds outdoors. I’m going to try to grow a couple plants outside this year but not expecting any good quality buds.

I hope you're pleasantly surprised. I was. Start them inside, and transplant after the fear of frost is gone. Hopefully your first frost won't be until October. You should be okay by then.
I bought some seeds for the first time this year. $70.00 for 5 seeds! YIKES.
Anyway, I sprouted them all easily enough, but have already lost 2. The stems were weak, and fell over and cracked with the weight of the first leaves.
The hundreds of seeds I have saved over the years sprout faster, and are a lot hardier. They grow like crazy. In fact, when I was harvesting and taking the plants from the garden to the house, seeds fell and started sprouting all through my yard. They grew until the first hard frost killed them. They required zero care. That's the kind of plants I need, these tender expensive seeds are high maintenance. If I get them to maturity, the high better be pretty darn good to make the stress worth it. lol.
Good luck with the outdoors. I love it, it's all organic, and I've found that the plants haven't had problems with disease or pests. (yet, knock wood)
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