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First buds


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What do you guys think of these? I have two plants growing on the windowsill and this is what they are doing at the moment :3:



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They look real healthy, more details are always appreciated :allgood:


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They are from bag seed so I can´t give many details.

I think one may be indica an the other sativa. They must be about 3 1/2 months old... kinda guessing.

There are neighbours, you can see them from the street but its pretty much legal in Spain to have 2 plants if you keep them in your house and don´t sell or give it to anyone.

I have been fertilizing with a "flowering" fertilizer and water. Nothing else special. I noticed that the "Indica" seems to be growing very fast and some of the older leaves are yellowing, firstly only lower ones but now some nearer the top.

Should I give more fertilizer or is this normal?

Thanks for your support:allgood:

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If the leaves are yellowing at this early stage of flowering, you could bump up the ferts a bit. The plants are very healthy looking.
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Thanks I will do that :peace: I had to bring them inside last night because there was a storm with lots of wind:37:
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