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First Cab. Build


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First off atm i am unable to grow canna so i grow tomatoes and other veggies.
Second no other site has even a 10th of the knowledge and wisdom that is here. I hope i can learn and become more learned in hydroponics and indoor cultivation . Hey everyone this is my new setup well my first set up please tell me what you think its still in process of being finished. I'd love all input bad or good plus check out my plants and let me know what the problem is the temp is now at about 76F and ph it at about 5.7.


MY grow Cab. First project..... :MoreNutes:


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to bring you temps down you might want to try adding another fan to help move the hot air out. as for your Ph. to raise use some Baking soda,to lower use vinegar and test before adding water to your system. when you add nutes. to the water it will usually lower the Ph, so test ever time before you add to your plants.
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