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First Cannabis vending machine in operation


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You can bring him up on charges Racefan. It is illegal for state employees to assist federal drug enforcement where no state laws are being violated.

It's funny how you pay this guys salary to enforce state laws and protect and serve the states population, and he outright breaks state law by aiding the feds in unconstitutional drug raids.

Lets go over this again. You pay him, so he can bust you for something not even illegal.

Sounds like a MASSIVE lawsuit is in order here. Too bad we have so many lawyers out there that are just plain average. A good attorney could have a field day in California.

You start the lawsuit off by asking for 100 million dollars in damages. That gets the press involved and the supreme court starts sweating.

Of course, you could vote this sheriff out, or (I don't reccomend this) get some concerned citizens together and personally convince him to change his ways and retire :)


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Excuse me...I made a error. It's not the local sherriff. It's the city police chief. All the clubs have been in city limits so far. The town I have to call home which has 100,000 people in it has no industry really unless you count old folk homes or hospitals as a industry. It is considered a retirement community. That alone ought to tell you what the mentality is towards cannabis by the majority of the population. I don't know the sherrifs policy for sure but from wht everyone around me says...he's no different than the PD chief. The sherrif was in on this years big cannabis hunt in the forests and such which netted over 300,000 plants. He even received a award from the feds for his part in the raids so I'm pretty sure he's another anti-cannabis nut. Wally Herger is my congressman and he's so anti cannabis it makes me sick. I have at least 20 form letters from him from my communications to him about the failed drug war and medical marijuana. Wally states...."there is no such thing as medical marijuana....besides...we already have a medical marijuana...it's called marinol". "If there is no such thing as medical marijuana then explain the purpose of marinol to me please?" was my reply. He never replied back! :19:
Thanks for the info boss


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Mpp is introducing a bill that makes it "Explicitly" against the law for them to do this...

It's funny isn't it? Against the law isn't good enough for the state and city employed "Peace keepers." We have to make a new law that says the other law is really a law, and they must abide by it ...
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