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First Check and LabCorp


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I'm looking for some feedback from someone with direct experience.

I've taken one hit in the past 27 days. Prior to that, I was a moderate smoker. Maybe one or two rips from a one hitter per day.

I've taken three First Check THC tests over the past week and passed them all. When I took them, I wasn't diluted and used the beginning and end of stream.

I just went to LabCorp and gave an undiluted sample using the middle of the stream. It was probably my fourth or fifth pee of the day. LabCorp's materials say they use the same cutoff as First Check, i.e. 50 ng/mL.

Does anyone have any direct experience either passing First Check and subsequently passing LabCorp or passing First Check and subsequently failing LabCorp?

As I said, I've passed all three of the First Check tests I've taken this week. Can I relax a bit?
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