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First Closet Grow :)


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Shame about the hermie. I'm about to grow some Ice myself soon and would have liked to have seen how it turned out.


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I think I may have a plant that is not sexually stable. It's a mother ( or so I thought) but some of its clones grow one little ball out of the female calyx and some of its clones flower fine. I'm not exactly sure what this is because I don't usually wait long enough to find out. Anyone else seen that?

And Queen I feel ya, I just wasted 4 weeks vegging out males. But with time comes experience. At least now you have the experience to identify a male earlier on. Others may disagree but what I find is usually the fastest or tallest growing ones ( from bagseed ) are males. Good luck to ya and clone those females haha. Whats your cloning process?
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