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First closet grow


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Ok well this is my first small scale grow that i will be able to finish out.
all my past grows had to be abandoned for one reason or another.
i have a cabinet that i converted in to a gro box and will be setting up a second soon when i put it in to flowering. at that point ill have a few clones going strong in veg.
box is :
i have 2 75 watt cfls and a 100 watt florescent grow light for now
due to low cash flow i have aluminum lineing the box
i have some bloom booster for my flowering now that is 15-30-15
and am spraying morn and night with co2 water
light has been on 18-6

k so now the pics... if i can figure it out


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thanks boss here come the pics
good luck on your grow ill be watchin :rasta:


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3 weeks old put in to veg in new grow box
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Pics were taken with phone so sorry bout the quality



4 weeks old
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click onthe pics they are bigger.......
4 weeks


4.5 weeks


Late night mist


6 weeks


side view 6weeks


6 week LST


i started reading about low stress training and thought id check it out.....



morning after the first LST treatment




took my clones! and they are doing good


second set of Lst training


............ these nex 2 pics..... i just had put the plant back after working on it and was finishing up. walked away for a sec and when i came backone of the cfls had droped and was resting on the plant...... i caught it luckly and have made some ajustments so it wont happen again.... but the damage was done.... not as bad as it could have been though.......


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plant back in the grow room after making a few ajustments
clones are already starting to perk back up.



i hope that the minor light burn doesnt stress the plant to much.....
would it be better to trim the damaged leaves or should i see how it goes again its not major just a brown ring on two of the leaves.......

at this point i am starting to give it a little nutes.... ive never used ferts before so im takeing it easy... ill veg for close to a month longer and then ill throw it in to flower.
im working on a second grow space in my spare bedroom closet and it should be ready by then.

any ideas or comments are always welcome
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Im int the process of finishing up my Flowering room, i gave in and bought a 65 watt CFL flood light at 6800 lumens to add to my other bulbs witch will put me just above 10000 lumens fir the flowering... ill probably end up with more latter on.
the new room is gona be much better and will have more room to work with.
i plan on transplanting and putting it in to the new room to veg for a little longer before starting the flowering.

the top of the plant were the cfl hit and burnt is doing ok the leaves that got hit are amazingly still growing.they will most likely get trimmed here soon. they look ugly as all hell
ill have more pics up soon of the room and the fix up of the veg room to.
again i apologize for the quality of the photos they are taken from my phone due to the fact that my camera got jacked out of my car a while back....

so far everything seems to be going well ive been enjoying reading everyones journals. tons of info!


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well its not letting me upload my pics for some reason right now so ill post them latter on the flower room looks good my babys gona love it! re potting tomorrow night hopefully


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lol thats what i guessed just didnt know if it was me or them pics will be up soon


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the new light


and for some reason the other pics are sill pending so they will be up soon
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