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First cupboard conversion - which space configuration


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Hi fellows!
This is my first post in this forum, nice to meet you all!

This is my first "big" project. I’m planning to convert my cupboard and I need your advice concerning some specific questions.
The cupboard is separated into 4 compartments and has 4 sliding doors.
One compartment consists of 2 shelves => so 8 shelves in total.

One of the compartments:


And here the "plan"


I want to use the “Reflector LED Grow Light 48x3w”, which would be just right for this area size. (Manufacturer stated coverage: 0,45m² (4,84ft²) ).
Maybe you can recommend another light you think might be suited better?

I plan to cut a hole in the centre of the cupboards ceiling and fit the carbon filter into the middle partition, so that half a pipe sticks out on each side and sucks the air from both inner partitions.

Now to my question(s):

If I left the space configuration of the cupboard as it is I would have to mount 2 fans into the outer partitions which suck the air from the outer compartments to the inner ones, otherwise the outer compartments would have no air flow.

+ Best stability
+ Least amount of manual work
- 2 extra fans needed
- More reflective film needed
- Plants are a bit more squeezed together

I could remove both the outer partitions, so that I would have 2 big compartments and 4 long shelves instead of 8 short ones.

+ About 5,3m² (57ft²) less reflective foil needed, also probably more light for plants
+ Less partitions means the plants are a bit less squeezed together
- Probably complete disassembly of cupboard and messing around with the fastening necessary

Which option can you recommend from your experience?
Or is there even an easier/better way to convert the cupboard? (While maintaining a good air flow throughout all partitions)

To be honest I would rather like to use one Reflector TopLed 48x3W for 1m² (10,7ft²) to save energy and mainly LED acquisition costs but this cupboard is very tempting to convert.

:hmmmm: what about this:

"Option 3":
simply removing the shelves and choosing really high growing strains like Super Silver Haze? Could this save me 4 lights while getting a similar yield? (maybe 350g instead of 2*200g?)

Please enlighten me with your opinion and experience :;):

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See our sound like your over stretching it. Why so many compartments. And are you planning to use aluminum foil for reflectivity?


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Wouldnt you be better just gutting the internals and having just the one big compartment and painting the inside walls a flat white. Im curious to know if you can get those sort of yields with just the one LED? Or did you mean multiple?
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