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First deep water grow


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Hello there, first time grower, long time dreamer. Here is a rough list of supplies i have for my stealth grow deep water culture, i am iffy on weather or not the light is up for the task of 3 plants i have flat white walls and an entire room for ventiation. led light. just a quick run down drop some hints and tricks if you could.

these are the supplies i have gotten for my first dwc,
1. 18 gallon tote
2. 20/60 gallon air pump
3. black air pump lining
4. 2-one-foot long air stones
5. hydroton
6. 5-inch nett pots
7. a&b solution canne vega grow
8. 6 4 inch rockwool cubes
9. 45w by 3w led grow light red blue light.

is this viable? the light i thought maybe not


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Welcome LightKnight, is it a 45w light made up of 3w led's or is it 45 3w led's. if it is 45 3w then you have a 135W light which may get you going though for 3 plants I would supplement with a few CFL or another LED running in tandem but if it is only 45w total you are way under powered. My LED is made up of 100 3w LED's and has both a Veg and a Flower stage so that the proper blue or red light is produced for each stage and the manufacture rates it for only a 3' x 3' grow area.


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If this is a stealth grow and you are using LED's think heat-heat-heat and yes light is too small. LED's work fine but no good way to get the heat off the light assembly's as in a light hood so you have to figure on lots of air exchange to the room and/or air conditioning. Also dwc water temps are relativity critical and just as important is air-air-air a thing called dispersed oxygen level in your water the more air and stones the better also it you can design your rdwc with surface breakage ie: water plum a simple elbow that is aimed at the surface causing a plume/surface breakage of the water, spraying, water fall or breaking the surface of your res or totes increases Dispersed oxygen (DO) better than air stones and air pumps.
Good luck and dive in my friend you'll love the water here


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Im not expert. But first off I would run more air to the water. I run 2 60GPH to 10 gallon rubber maid. with 4 12" long stones.

And sounds like your def gonna need more light!! If its 45*3 you might be able to sneak by. Not gonna get them huge, or Big buds though.
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