First DWC grow - Help wanted

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Hi there everyone new to this forum all advice is welcome i need help i have a 1.25x1.25x2m tent an inline exhaust fan light shade carbon filter two 45l containers each res has two net pots have submersible pump for top fed and am using two air stones have 600w hps/mh and will be using cyco nutes any advice would be appreciated as this is new to me I also have a rough idea of what'll be in there gorilla glue and see mango plan to grow two in each res
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Re: first dwc grow help wanted

Any tips and tricks how to keep sterile equipment without leaving residue? Best way to clean res ?? Any problems that you as growers have experienced would be awesome
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This is week 3 or 4 of flower of my current bagseed grow
keen for them to finish now I have secured seeds through reputable breeders and want to learn dwc these are just a mix of coco coir and Pete and premium soil there is two plants in here
There is a thread Out there thats called Ask Anything - Sharing Knowledge 420 Style. If you have some questions, chances are better to get a answer there. Personally, my First hydro Setup ist about to be Setup soon. I recommend you to Journal at this place, it helps yourself a Lot when it comes to mistakes. You can easily Take a Look Back and find the Point where you failed. Take a Look at my journal, maybe thats the Style you wanna do it? And dont Stop Journaling when No one answers. Mine is a good example of that too. Just one Guy answering all the Time, but thousands of views. For this journey, i am with you. I have read a Lot about dwc the Last month, maybe that could bei helpful too. I will use Pure Alkohol to desinfect my Equipment, reason for this is, it evaporates to the air completely after use, i'm Not to Sure about that with medicinical desinfectants for hands per example.
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Do you think that trying two autos in one 45l tub ?? I liked your buds and the screen helps so much to grow horizontally
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Yea sounds good I really want to be able take and share information fingers crossed for ya clones never done that yet, lol will probably look into it in the future
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Bubble stones one long and one medium one submersible pump hose tucks into net pot hydroton holds it all in place stuck the air stones down the flap you can see on the lid is where I'll be filling and draining
So this is kinda top feeding Setup? I wanted to do one big Reservoir to, But then i thought ober again. What about if i want to do 2 different strains that requires 2 different feeding schedules. So my decision ist to Go for 2 5 gallon buckets. Because this is my First time hydroponic, this is also better die failing. If i fail with one Plant, it doesnt mean that Booth plants die, because of they are Not using the Same Reservoir. Im also unsure if i should use top feeding or not, Not Sure about the benefits of it. I guess i need to read more :)
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Yes top fed dwc only benefits I've read of are in the first stages of growth and I'll be running two of those setups in me tent gonna try an stick same strains in the tubs total four plants
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The first four will be two lots of autos see how much can pull then might go down to two photo depends on what happens I guess lol


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I can give you a little advice on DWC I have grown with that method before though the real expert around here is Rifleman, he is who got me to try it.

Here are the tips I can share with you,
Have spares of everything, extra air stones and pumps and a good reliable PH pen and PPM are a must have. Also calibrate your pens at least once a month because being wrong with your PH or PPM can cause HAVIC really fast. Things happen quickly in DWC so you will not have much time to fix an issue, the bright side is, plants love DWC and if done properly your plants will grow like crazy.
Unless you have a lot of height adjustment, flip your plants a little sooner then you would if you were growing in soil, like I said earlier, they grow REALLY fast and it is easy for them to grow out of control.
I used 5 gallon buckets for my reservoirs and grew 6 plants at a time but I had 7 buckets. That extra bucket allowed me to swap out reservoirs and wash the one that was being used so I could swap it with the next plant. Believe it or not I used toilet bowl cleaner to wash my buckets with, because it was loaded with bleach and bleach kills all the bad things that will cause root rot. Just be sure to thoroughly rinse each bucket after you wash them.
Last tip would be to drop over to Riflemans journal and introduce yourself. He is a great guy with a ton of knowledge and he is always welcome to share it with others, just do not tell him I said that, do not need his head to swell :19: