first dwc hydro grow help


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i made a littel DWC set up using 5 gallon bucket with 6 inch airrocks some netpot lids and two pumps that im combining ones a 10 and the other is a 20. ive never grown before i figured that i would just refresh the water in the buckets everyother day and adjust the ph and all that. i just germed some seeds and im about to put them in rockwool cubes i know i have to soak them briefly in some balanced water my problem is im not sure if i should add a bit of nutrients to the solution. i was also wondering how much the rocks should be splashing the rockwool cub when i put it in the net pot. list of nutes i have

Thrive Alive B-1 red and green
B.C. Grow
B.C. Boost
B.C. Bloom

if anyones got scheduals of info on how to use these specific nutes it would be a great help.
well alright yesterday we filled up the buckeds used 1/4 strength of the first stage veg they sprouted 2 weeks ago got a 1000 mh/hps light the area is real small so heat is a big issue it dropped to about 80 so it should be straight... they are about 7 inches tall now i wish i could have some pics but they are starting to grow the second set of leaves. i think were going to get a 275 watt hps and mh light for this grow and keep the 1000 watter for later use thanks for the charts. everything seems to be going fine except the humidity in the closet dropped to about 35 yikes. but weve been misting in there every few hours. they are nice and green we have 3 plants growing now. all look healthy.:Rasta:
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