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First Ever Grow - Coco Coir - Complete Journal - Feedback Very Welcomed!

I will be documenting my entire grow from setup to harvest. I have done what seems like days of reading on exactly what i want to do but seeing as this is my first grow I would love recommendations and pretty much feedback in general. :welcome:

My setup so far is as follows:

3x 100w 2700k CFL Bulbs in tandem w/ 3 60w 5000k LED bulbs.
3x 3 Gallon fabric pots("SmartPots")
Mylar on all walls.

70% Natures Footprint Coco Coir
30% Organic Perlite

General Hydroponics (Florabloom, Floragrow, Floramicro) Nutes
General Hydroponics PH Control Kit
General Hydroponics CaliMagic
AccuRite Humidity Moniter
For sure. Planning on dropping clones in the pots lowering the lights and raising the humidity a bit.

Stinky Snid

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Hey pago, I agree cfls should be as close as possible. (2-3")
You've got all the keys for a successful grow, I wish you luck. I'll stick around to see things develop, and try to help out if I can. Keep us posted and...

KiG :green_heart:cheers

Rich Farmer

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Hey man. Nice set up! Hope this info helps with your coco grow.

The is a quote from ledrf.
1. Coco holds 30% oxygen when fully saturated.
2. If you let coco dry out, you will get lower yields and most likely nutrient issues because when the coco dries out, it leaves dry spots, where the roots dry up and die. That causes issues.
3. When you water every day or twice a day or ever three times a day, you are replacing all the oxygen the plant used up, thus letting it grow faster. You are also replacing any nutrients the plant used up with fresh nutrients. This is why I water every day with nutrients.
4. You get hydroponic results. Fast growth. Bigger yields.

This thread has great info if you haven't seen it. I dont use the same nutes but I make it work for me.
How I grow in coco Youtube videos and pics

This is what I'm planning for my next grow.
Coco hydro organic - Easy & cheap - Water daily

You got this!
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Great info BedroomFarmer.. I've also heard that strategically placed dry spells can make your plant grow faster as well. Lucky for me I'll have a few plants and will try both.

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Let her get used to the environment did some topping and made some clones.. she looks much better now than when I got her. Will post pics tomo

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CFLs were about an inch or two away last night.. they must've slipped because I came back and they were sitting on the top nodes of my plant. Burned a few leaves, nothing too serious. Any suggestions on what action i should take?

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Stinky Snid

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If you don't like the unsightly burn marks then you can remove the damaged leaves. But for intents and purposes the leaves(depending on the damage) are still functioning to create energy. I've had this happen on my first grow, several times actually, that's why I moved to a tent and LEDs. The burn marks will remain until the leaf dies, but if you check my first journal both Maria and Nadine got burned and finished splendidly. Take a look if you have time, it's pretty early on in my first journal. Link in my signature...

KiG :green_heart:cheers
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