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First Ever Grow Could Use A Bit of Advice


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I'm having a concern with my Blueberry. My White Widdow and Blue Hash is in great order...Here's what I got!

Strain - Indica Blueberry
# of Plants -3
Grow Type - Hydro
Grow Stage - Flower
Setup - DWC
Light - 400 Watt HPS
Nutrients - General Hydronponics
Medium - Grodan Rockwool started ~ Presently in HydroTron
PPM - 900
PH - 5.5
RH - 50% to 55%
Room Temperature -78 to 82
Solution Temperature -65 to 69 lights off ~ 75 - 80 Lights ON
Room Square Footage - 20
Pests - None Known


The concern that I'm having is the main Fan Leaves are turning down. The Tips and The Edges are anyways. It still is producing new growth at an fantastic rate and is 38" tall. Is this a normal process or is the plant in trouble. Any advice would be most appreciated



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ClosetPonic, do the leaves feel brittle and dry? Also, did you just switch to flowering and added a full dose of flowering nutes? That may have been too quick an increase in nute strength, so you may want to flush and change your res to be safe.

Also, your solution temperature is on the high side during lights on; how do your roots look? Any signs of pythium / root rot? What is your solution's pH?


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Hey LEDMan...No the leaves are very soft not dry or brittle at all. I did change the nuts from a 3-2-1 with Humic Acid at a pH of 5.2 - 5.6 to a 2-2-2 with decreased Humic and the start of introducing KwlBloom, 1 part each at a pH of 5.2 - 5.6. The roots look awesome...bright white with no sign of rot at all, but I do have a bit of algae on the air line, not too much thou. I have all 3 of my plants on the same setup and nuts, and the White Widow and Blue Hash are exploding, but so is the Blueberry. They all are displaying fantastic growth, its just the Blueberry's leaves are down turned and I was a bit concerned.


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So I wake up this morning to find Ms. Blueberry had gone from folded tips & edges to her leaves twisting and folding. They are still soft and green...kinda blue green, but her new growth and fan leaves were now exhibiting the same problem. It had gone from about 10% of the plant to bout 50% or more of the plant.

I'm not completely understanding the concept of "flushing", but I mixed a new nut. solution at 1-1-1 with 1 part Humic and KwlBloom at a pH of bout 5.5. My other plants have accepted the 2-2-2 wonderfully, and are flourishing.

To say I'm a bit concerned bout Ms. Blueberry is an understatement...she is looking pretty bad at this time.

I've read all the threads about "flushing" but I guess I'm just not catching it.
If anyone has a way to describe flushing for me or can give me some advice I would be forever grateful!

Thanks Everyone


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Ms. BB has come around, her leaves are starting to pick back up since the 1-1-1 600 ppm nuts were introduced. She has some beautiful pistils come up on her top chute.

All 3 have started showing signs of Bud production!

All Is Well!!

Thanks For All Your Help!!!



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I took a look at the pics, the seem healthy. Have you checked your humidity? I have seen similar sagging in overly humid tents.


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I took a look at the pics, the seem healthy. Have you checked your humidity? I have seen similar sagging in overly humid tents.

I've been able to keep the Humidity bout 50-55 RH during lights out and I'm lucky to keep it in the 45-50 RH range during lights on.

Since I took the nuts from a 2-2-2 900ppm to a 1-1-1 600 ppm she has really started looking alive again. I think she just didn't like the sudden change of nuts or I introduced em at the wrong time. I'm gonna slowly raise her nuts up again over the next week and watch to see how she responds. Maybe in a week or 2 I can get her to full flower nuts!

I guess I just got a little overly worried....Ms Blueberry is my favorite stain!

Thanks Again For Everyones Help!



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Honestly maybe they just did not like all the nutes. You can tell when a plant is starving the bottom leafs start to yellow, id look for that before adding more nutes. I think 60-90 ML of nutrient solution is plenty per 5 gallons of water.

Sure some strains and plants can handle more but, over feeding is common among new growers. Don't we all just wish we could dump more nutes in the reservoir and get more buds, lol! just don't quite work like that, its all about balancing your entire grow setup.


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I am starting to think it can be caused by bad air, or even poorly oxygenated water/soil mix. lack of Oxygen in general.

One GSL grower did not have an intake, just exhaust and he almost lost his crop. The other let his 5 gal bucket pinch the air line to his DWC setup and roots got mushy even though fresh water came from res. Both times the plant looked yellowish limp and like dried out "brown", but they had water. I knew they weren't burnt either cause GSL growers only use LED man!

Anyone else have similar experience?

What kind of growing medium you got? if your roots are slimy you need more air down there. Also just give your venting a check, maybe a critter crawled in er something.

p.s. I am not "LEDMAN" but, I am a "MAN OF LED'S"
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