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First ever grow. Greenhouse super lemon haze. Veg week 6. Few questions


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There she is in all her glory :)

I have been veging for just over 6 weeks and i want to flip so have reduced light by 1 hour per day over the past 3 days. When will the plant start to show sex? Have inspeced and cant see any sign of pistils or pollen sacks...

Also, as shown in the above images, the tips of some leaves have gone ever so slightly yellow (im using 1 drop of superthrive per watering alongside plagron start up cal-mag and canna terra soil) what could this problem be?

Finally, im using sensi bloom a+b for flower and have access to canna pk 13/14, big bud, plagron phytamin, buddhas trees pk 9-18, superthrive and cal-mag. Does anyone have any advice on how and when to use these particular nutrients (i have a ph/ec meter so any advice relating to ec is welcomed). I have done my own research into much of the above but i think peoples first hand accounts and opinions are far more valuable so all help is greatly appreciated.

Cheers boys and girls :)


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I usually know sex for sure 2 weeks after switching the lights.
When blooming, your plant is putting everything into making flowers. Some yellowing and death of the older growth is completely normal. You'll end up clipping a lot of the older fan leaves as they die off.
There are different nutrient needs during flowering... but I'll let other more experienced folks chime in.


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Cheers Tead. Im hoping 'shes' a female :)

The seed was feminized but have read many horror stories about ghs (after id germinated) so fingers crossed.

devils letuce

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your plant looks great :goodjob:
nice green indica leafs
this is a feminized plant so as long as u don't stress the hell outta her or have constant light leaks she will reward you with the sticky buds u seek.
imo green house seeds has great genetics . also they have videos related to your strain u can watch for great info .

u will see the sex about a week or so after u flip .

i would flush and clone her before u flip her .(free plants)

here are some helpful pics

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