First Ever Grow - My Single Plant Experiment

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Hi there,

I did read the guidelines about starting a grow diary. I have to confess I didn't know the answers to all of the suggested grow features to include. I am only growing a single plant and things like profitability are not an issue. I just wanted a stab at growing myself. Next time I'm learn from errors and more research.

See photos!

Key features:

*Soil grown from seed (Miracle grow - I know I've since seen advice against using this!)
*Started indoors in June under a light and then seedling was moved to polytunnel outside, has remained outside.
*Watered once to twice a week with plain water
*Flowering began around 6 weeks ago
*Feed - last 2 weeks it is had feed with balance N-4, K-3, P-8 once a week.
*Some of the pistels are beginning to turn reddish brown, maybe 10%
*Buds remain small. I expect due to first time grow, not ideal soil and potentially not quite enough light?

I feel that it'll be approaching harvest in a couple of weeks at which point I'll revert to plain water. Any advice or feedback welcome. If it's too late for this plant then it will always help with the next :)

Thanks for reading!
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Chris Scorpio

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Thanks for the tip! Just joined today so appreciate the help. Hopefully the new photos are better.
Pics are great

She looks pretty good, she is reaching for the light strong

She doesn't look bad really, kinda small yes, but I think she has a few more weeks still. Lower yellow leaves is normal at this stage, trim those off if u want

Nice job