First Ever Grow Need Help! DWC


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Trying my first grow

Have a 4 bucket dwc system only plan on growing 3 plants one of each white widow, green crack, and strawberry banana.

Tent- 4'x4'x6.5' vivosun
Lights- philizon 1200 watt LED and Aglex 2000 watt LED
Nutes- GH Flora series and orca (accidentally bought the powder)

Looking for help and advice.

Started germinating seeds on Tuesday night placed into glass of water for 20 hours
Then paper towel method for 48 Hours at which point all 3 seeds had 1/2 cm to 1 cm tap root.
Transplanted to jiffy pellets yesterday. Still nothing sprouting.

When should I be concerned about them not sprouting?
They are in the tent which is kept at 25C and RH of 60% no light.


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Welcome to :420:

They might be confused as to which way is up, or too many of the fine root hairs got pulled off and are on the paper towel.
Next time, try soaking until you see the seed crack open, then plant about 3/8” into your medium, with the pointed end of the seed upwards.


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So I had a bit of an incident this morning. When I was checking on them, I bumped the green crack one really good by accident and the whole jiffey pellet fell apart. The seed came out and everything. It had been growing. I carefully used tweezers put the jiffy pellet back together and got the seed in it positioned as best in could. I'm afraid I shocked it. Any suggestions? Here's a picture of it after I put it back together.


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I stopped using root plugs, I start seeds in a solo cup of coco. Use a clear cup to plant in then put that in colored cup. You can lift the clear cup to check your roots.

This is what I do also, except I have used Vigaro perlite. Am looking into coco though. What brand are you using these days Penny?
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