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First Ever Grow Need Help! DWC


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To be honest after looking at pics I don’t even think it’s stretching. Looking about as perfect as a seedling can be.

as they get older your task will be to slowly. Subtly start lowering the lights waiting hours at minimum before making another move.

your goal will be to get the leaves to point slightly upward towards the light.

later though. Not yet my friend. They are still delicate.


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Quick update before I go away for a couple of days. Everything and to be moving along nicely, no real issues yet. Smelt burning in tent the other day, found the fan not spinning. Not sure why, too the cover off, gave it a flick and it's worked ever since. Definitely have my roommate check it while I'm gone. Other then that. GC still the biggest followed by SBG and then the baby WW. Hope everyone had a good Halloween!!



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I live in Ontario about 45min drive out of downtown Toronto.
If it was me and my fan did that, it would be in the trash and I would go out and buy another one locally, since I wouldn’t want to wait.


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Gonna follow along for this grow , nice start , i live in cambridge ont. so i assume i am not far from you , many coco grows under my belt , and i am tossing the idea around for a dwc grow next or a l.o.s. grow , maybe this can help me make my mind up , good luck !!
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