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First Ever Grow!


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hey all! this is my first grow, hopefully all goes well

seeds - ghs pure kush

type indica

soil grow

soil type plagron light mix with added perlite

light 400w hps (gonna add another 600w hps soon)

tent size 1.2m sq x 2m high

growing 5 fem seeds

age 3 day old seedlings pics up in a few days


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Re: First Ever Grow !

gonna transplant in a few days and was wondering what would be best?

25l standard pot or 20l air pots ?

any help would be awesome.


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decided to just go with the air pots

wen would be the best time to transplant? only got 4 day old seedlings just now.


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hopefully get pics up soon, my laptop is broke just now.

ive got ma sproutlings in 5l normal pot just now, gonna leave em there for a few weeks to build up some root mass.


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Nice looking tent. I just replaced my panel box which was from the 1960s and replaced it with something a little newer and safer. Also, added ground rods, power outlets in the ceiling as well as mounting my ballasts on the wall. I'm growing in a spare bedroom and will be growing all CALI CONNECTION TAHOE OG KUSH as well as RESERVA PRIVADA OG # 18 and Dr Greenthumbs Chem Dawg #4, as well as WORLD OF SEEDS Afghan Kush, Black Domina, and some auto flowering Pakistani. If I have any advice for a new grower is to grow from seed. This will eliminate getting mites and other pests from clones from wherever you get your clones. You may be lucky for a while but eventually EVERYONE will get mites if they buy clones. With seeds you grow the genetics YOU WANT and you know what you're getting...I have been burnt a few times by clones labelled as 1 strain and then turning out to be something different when it starts budding. Also, for as good as you treat your plants GENETICS IS THE KEY TO GROWING DANK BUD and it is why people protect their best genetics. You can treat a plant with crappy genetics as good as you want if the plant doesn't have good genetics its going to come out like crap. Everything else, you will be able to figure out on your own.


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me too TOG :thumb:

:welcome: Growing247 an cre-doog

Growing247 i just bought ma tent because im fed up relyin on other people to get me some as i only smoke now and again lol

cre-doog its a 400w hps with a sont dual spectrum bulb, im looking for some serious bud but im using this grow as experience, im gonna add another 400w or 600w hps and maybe try a scrog setup.

thanks for looking in guys.:thanks:


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well looks like time for an update!

ma laptop is away to computer hell since it was a piece of crap so no pics untill i can get ma camera connected to ma ps3

temp in tent 88 highest n 69 lowest

started plants with half strength bio bizz grow nutes watered with water of ph 7.5, run off was between 6.2 n 6.5 on all 5 plants.

little ladied are beginning to stink so gonna have to buy a carbon filter kit

other than that no issues,

if anybody can help out with info on decent filter kit, would be nice .... cheers
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