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First ever grow


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Hi, basically this is going to be my very first attempt at growing and I would like to share it with all and hope that you can help me along the way.
My first predicament is whether to use LED light or HID light? Especially since soon we will be going into winter time and I might need the heat provided by the HID lights.
I am only looking to grow one plant this time with a max of maybe 1-2 plants in the future, nothing too serious, just personal medical reasons.
Would the UFO 180W LED light be enough for that one plant in a small cupboard in my room during autumn/winter?
What else is recommended for me to get to begin?
Thanks in advance to whoever responds


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Welcome to 420 GmanMo.

There are some links in my signature that I put there just for someone like you. First off read the forum guidelines if you have not done so.

Happy reading, and do not forget to start a journal, add links to your signature, and have fun.

Please feel free to ask more questions once you have gotten caught up with your reading.
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