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First fertilize?


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hello all,
i've been growing my plants for about 6-7 weeks now. I planted seeds in pots and used Supersoil potting soil (brown bag). They are being grown outdoors on my back balcony. I am trying to use LST in order to get them to be bushy rather than having an x-mas tree "look". So far everything seems to be going fine. Here's a photo of my biggest one so far.

My question to you all is what type of fertilizer should i use for my outdoor grow? So far the only thing that my plants have received is sunlight, water, and my caring attn.(disregard that plantfood in the background) I would prefer to use some type of natural fertilizer with as few chemicals as possible to stay in tune with my mother nature theme. Any suggestions would be helpful. :cool027: :bong: :peace:


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Re: First fertilize????

i would go to a hydro shop, or order online any of these they are all fine brands of organic juices. just get one for veg and one for flowering

Explode Your Plants, Buds & Flowers with Fertilizer by FoxFarm - the Best Name in Organic Plant Supplements!

You Can't Go Wrong with Fertilizers / Nutrients from American Agritech - the Best Know Name in Horticulture!

The Growshop - Canna products

looking great! its put on enough mass that will soon be wanting some food i bet. might run into some root bound type issues too id watch for that. gl =)
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