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First Grow - 125W CFL - Lowryder #2 & Bag Seed


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Hello and welcome to my grow!!

I put first in inverted commas as this is not my first grow, but is my first to sucessfully reach budding.

Hope you're mighty high and comfortable. :tokin:

I guess I'll start by telling you a little about my grow...

-I'm using a 125w dual spectrum clf, hoping to add more smaller lights soon.

-I'm growing lowryder #2 (the two biggest plants you'll see in a second) and some bagseed (the seedlings)

-the first lowryder has just started to bud, the second is 2 weeks behind and the other two have just sprouted

-growth has been a little stunted due to neglect of the plants on the window sill for a week

-I'm watering with rain water and using soil from my compost heap

-I am also running a little fan at 5v

-I had a male plant at one point (a lowryder, 1 week younger than the oldest and 1 week older than the younger) but killed it for the greater good.

Time for some pics I guess.. I'll go from the start:










Sorry about the quality.. I'll try and get pics with a better camera later..

Cheers for reading, I'll post again soon.

Questions and suggestions are always welcome :)

Ganglion :rasta:
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Re: 'First' grow - 125w cfl lowryder #2 and bagseed

Man glad to find you. Your grow space is about like mine and im still in seedling. Will watch you to learn what I can.


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Re: 'First' grow - 125w cfl lowryder #2 and bagseed

Cheers Mad Mardo! :439:

I took a quick peep at your journals, when I have the time this week end I'll read through them and see what I can learn :)

I'm gonna upload some higher quality photos tonight or tomorrow because, in all honesty, the photos I have at the moment are pretty rubbish :p

Smoke on, Ganglion :rasta:


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Re: 'First' grow - 125w cfl lowryder #2 and bagseed

Welcome to my grow j4s2u0 :thanks:

Glad to have you on board - I'll be sure to check your grow out when I have the time (busy with coursework atm)

So how old are these lowryder plants? What day did u see first hairs?
Ill be watching:D

I'm sorry to say that I can't answer your questions properly as I have not really been keeping track of time. I think the biggest plant is about 5/6 weeks old.

The smaller plant which is two weeks younger has just shown sex as female too (you will be able to see that when I upload the better quality pics) so I guess that the bigger one showed hairs about 2 weeks ago.

Once again, thanks for stopping by, Gang. :rasta:


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Re: 'First' grow - 125w cfl lowryder #2 and bagseed

Well I'm just done uploading the higher quality pics so here they are!

First, a couple of shots of the bagseed babies:



This is the younger of the two Lowryders, you can see little white hairs if you look close.




And finally, the oldest lowryder.







Thanks for watching :439:

Ganglion :rasta:


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Re: 'First' grow - 125w cfl lowryder #2 and bagseed

Glad you're watching :439: :thanks:

Do you have a grow journal going on at the moment?

Gang :rasta:

Sorry been out of town work sucks. No I dont have a journal just a great girl to watch my girls while im away.:peace:


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Re: 'First' grow - 125w cfl lowryder #2 and bagseed

Hello and sorry; I've had a really busy month and have failed to find much time to post.

The first plant was cut a few days ago and had a dry yield of about 9 grams. I would post some pics of the pale green, trichome covered, golden flecked buds, but they're all gone now. :tokin:

The second plant is doing really and I'll post some pics for y'all tonight (This time i actually will).

Once again, sorry for my lack of input.

Thanks, Ganglion. :rasta:


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re: First Grow - 125W CFL - Lowryder #2 & Bag Seed

Is this grow still alive?

If so, please update us with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read the photo gallery tutorial:
Photo Gallery Guide - How to Resize, Upload & Post Photos

I am moving this to abandoned journals until we get updates.

Thanks and hope all is well in your world!

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine!



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re: First Grow - 125W CFL - Lowryder #2 & Bag Seed

Hello and sorry for the delay.

I just found the last pics from that grow on my comp and thought I'd upload them just to round it off.. Almost a year late.

Here are harvest pics of the 2nd plant.. It yielded just under a half ounce. It was really nice and the little bit of bud to make it through any reasonable amount of curing smelt sweet and even had a hint o' lemon :yummy:

Here's the harvest from the first plant:


The cola off the 2nd plant:


And the rest of the 2nd plant:


I feel so much better now I've actually rounded that grow off.

Since then I haven't grown very much, but I'm firing up my cupboard again soon. This time it'll be updated far more regularly. And that's a promise.

Toke on! :Namaste: :lot-o-toke:
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re: First Grow - 125W CFL - Lowryder #2 & Bag Seed

Great lookin grow ganglion! very please i found this as its very similar to mine!, im also runnin a 125w duel spectrum cfl with pc fans to cool it and using rain water in a small stealth cab, my baby is just a seedling at the min but shes also an auto, feminized blue mystic :) im 12 days in and she's looking great with just a little bit of nute burn and i'v started to use some low stress training to, il be keeping my eyes open for your next grow and hope you'l pop over to mine to see how shes getting along :) would love any tips or advice you could give me to :allgood: peace brotha!

cypress green

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re: First Grow - 125W CFL - Lowryder #2 & Bag Seed

hey ganglion,im using cfl aswell,have u a biobizz bio grow schedule 4 soil,auto's,im going feminised,no messin' with sexing,want to grow LR1 & LR2 etc,can u help,i may not check back so send me message,cheerz.
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