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I have a small heater out there it is not much that's y it falls so low. but it doesn't go very high anymore since I got the carbon filter installed In the beginning the temps would be in the high 90s during the day if both lights were on I think that is part of the stunted growth problem. As far as rh when in the first weeks of veg I used wet rags to keep it higher now and in the past several weeks it has been in the 30s but I do have a dehumidifier if needed for late flower.
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I had the same problem last winter with my first grow of WW, was advised to keep lights on for 24 hours until flip time to flower. I turned the lights on full time hallway through my veg cycle and they loved it and caught up pretty fast.
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I just had to water the plants in the shed because it's pouring outside and I needed a towel to soak up the runoff. I can't find saucers that fit my 10g pots around here.
Duggan spoke of aluminum round sheets available in different sizes, Then he bent it like a bottle cap to make a tray for his big pots.:Namaste:


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Flower day 28 went and gave plan water ph at 6.7 the mama mia plant had nutrient burn I had to pick off many burnt leaves I am hoping that it doesn't get any worse. The white widow still looks really good no signs of any burn or deficiencies of any kind. The mama mia buds are already starting to get crystals on them I think it's going to be better smoke then the white widow will be just by the way it is developing.


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Flower day 29 checked on the girls this morning to see about the nutrient burn on the mama mia plant there were a couple leaves showing some burn so I put some more plain ph ed water through her more than yesterday to flush her out hoping that will do the trick. Other than a few burnt tips not much change but here's a few pics anyway.
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