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First Grow 2 White Widow 1 Mama Mia Indoor Soil 2 1000 LED 2018


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I have been looking at my other grow and I think by this time the plants were doing better well I was using both lights so I think that I will drag out my other light until I can get this mars ordered here in a few of weeks maybe that will help these show what sex they are and speed up some growth cause they are kinda small for 5 weeks old


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So I went out and did some bending this morning I really haven't spent much time with this group of kids I feel like I've been neglecting them a little bit so I'm going to pay a little more attention to them anyway I got a few pictures

In the pink pot the one on the right has made it known that she is a girl I am hoping that she will get bigger or the one in the pot with her is a girl too

Then those are the other 2 that have shown themselves to be girls also

I'll post the rest in another post


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Went and checked on the children this morning and noone has been very active and shown me sex but I took some group shots and a few shots of the girls

Then we have the 4 girls

She is the one at the back of this pot


And there we are I just hope that some of the bigger plants are girls too I just wish they would sex already this week will be week 6 so hopefully this week will be the week


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Went to water this morning and my one girl that was in the pot with the other bigger plant just didnt seem happy she does not seem to be doing much I am thinking that maybe the bigger plant was taking away from the other so I put her in another pot by herself I hope it was not a mistake to move her I guess time will tell it's not the happy frog soil it's the soil that I had made so let's keep the fingers crossed. But anyway looked over everyone really good noone has decided to sex other than the 4 I am hoping that is a good sign because girls normally take longer to sex then boys do so I am hoping. Time for pics first up are the girls

And then we have the rest

I will post the rest in another post


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They look great Mushie! If it were mine I'd top that lanky leader running up the white power cord, without cutting the power cord...
Thank you for the reply. Believe it or not it has been topped already. Just kinda lanky along with a couple of the other ones. Some are doing really good others are going tall and like that for some reason not sure why


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Went and gave the children a drink this morning and noone has sexed this morning but on the 4 girls I think they are the same type because they are all turning a nice shade of blueish purple on the leaves of the bud sites it has been fairly cool here at night so that is pretty cool and explains why they are all kind of leggy it's the genetic make up of the plants I am thinking about going ahead and flipping the switch to 12/12 after all they have been in veg for 6 weeks I'm not sure yet just a thought
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